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Goodbye Horizon ... Hello Cardiff

I'll start a new job as Lecturer in HCI at Cardiff University, this is a short post on the last 2 years that I spent in Horizon as a researcher. My time at the University of Nottingham has been amazing, I started as Research Assistant at The Mixed Reality Lab in 2017, and then I moved to work at Horizon Digital Research as Research Fellow.

I had the chance to be involved in amazing projects and collaborate with great colleagues.

During this time, I worked at the TechUP project, a collaboration between four universities to retrain a group of women in technology. Also, I collaborated at the RoboClean project, investigating Human-Robot Collaboration and floor cleaning on food manufacturing.

As part of the EDI Committee, I supported different outreach activities such as The Ada Lovelace Day, a celebration to share role models, women's achievements and promote diversity in Computer Science through engaging with secondary students and 1st/2nd-year UG students.

The two things that I’ve enjoyed most during my time in Horizon are the multidisciplinary approach of projects and the work philosophy that allows researchers to develop independence with senior support always available. I'm glad to continue collaborations with some colleagues on ongoing projects related to technologies in complex scenarios, GCRF network groups in ICT4D, ML + HRI projects, new bids, and papers as well.

In my new position as Lecturer at The School of Computer Science and & Informatics, I’ll be a member of the Human Centred Computing research group, which is super exciting. I’ll be teaching the module “Emerging Technologies” and I’ll start a couple of new projects that I'll try to keep posted in here.

I hope the best for all of you during these overwhelming circumstances, keep safe! and let's be kind to each other.

See you later! / Wela I di wedyn / Hasta pronto!